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The vision.

Imagine that all resources have value, and that waste is out of the life cycle equation. Upstream, downstream - no waste! Of course, this is very different from how organisations operate (and how the economy functions) today, and that’s why it’s so central when approaching the zero waste vision to ensure just transitions. That means leaving no one behind and breaking the barriers for stakeholders’ inclusive participation in decision making.

Looking at resources, the zero waste vision is all about reusing what we already have in our system. It’s about mimicking nature in how ecosystems work with a collective of species and exploring the principles behind it to see how it could be applied throughout an organisation's value chain.

A wellbeing zero waste economy.

In a wellbeing economy, all resources have value, and there is no waste. It’s all about reusing what we already have in our system. Since waste impacts our economy at scale, we desire a life with no landfills or incinerators and no waste export to other countries. Localised solutions and reuse of existing materials mean less pollution, toxins, and harmful chemicals in our lands, waters, and air.

We podcast, do public speaking and run workshops.

We’re remote-tech enthusiasts passionate about designing and facilitating participatory processes. We’ve inspired scientists in academia and helped SME's to kick-start their journey towards smart resource utilisation.

All in our expert topics: the Wellbeing Economy, the Circular Economy, zero waste, and just transitions.


The zero waste vision starts with you! We as individuals play an important role being the change agents of our time. Every big steps starts with a single step.

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We co-create tools for change agents.

Change starts with you, as it is us as individuals that make decisions. Therefore, we’re joining forces with others that also aim for the bigger purpose of creating long-term value for society. We’re co-creating tools for individuals in organisations to create change at scale. It may be tools for policy makers, leaders of local governments and communities, strategists or designers, or for someone else that’s about to start a change.

Wellbeing economy policy design guide.

A guide to support visionary policy makers to build more just, inclusive and sustainable economies. The guide was co-created with members and staff of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll), and is filled with tools, case studies and suggestions. It gives support throughout the policy cycle of development, design, assessment, implementation, and evaluation.

MethodKit for sustainable organisations.

A catalyst for strategic conversations and decisions. The deck was co-created with The Good Tribe and consists of 67 perspectives essential for sustainable development. It can help to define and give structure to an organisation’s work within the circular economy, zero waste, doughnut theory and the wellbeing economy.

Featured in.

Larger events: Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Disruptive Innovation Festival, MESH Festival.

Digital media: Creating Social Impact podcast (episode 11: Using the MethodKit for measuring social value), Zero Waste Countdown Show (episode 133: Love Zero Waste), Hey Impact podcast (episode: How to make a difference), Mindful & Intentional (episode: Mindful sustainability).

Print media: RE-OPENING OF A CITY - 33 voices on how to shape a new urban life within empty spaces.

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